Interdisciplinary General Education

What does IGE satisfy?

The table below shows how IGE satisfies university general education requirements. You should also consult the Cal Poly Pomona University Catalog and your major advisor. Generally speaking, students take IGE courses in the following order. However, students may take the courses in any order and may take as many or as few courses as they wish:


IGE Courses

GE Areas Satisfied
  • IGE 1100: Consciousness and Community (Fall)

  • IGE 1200: Authority and Faith: Late Ancient and Medieval Worlds (Spring)

A2 and C2
  • IGE 2150 -Ways of Doing: Culture, Society, Science, and Sustainability (Fall)

  • IGE 2250: Encountering Difference: Culture and Power (Spring)

  • IGE 2350: Empires, States, and Peoples: Cultural Contact and Exchange (Fall)

  • IGE 3100: Interdisciplinary Perspectives: Capstone Seminar (Spring)

D1 or C2

D1 or C2


C3 or D4

Other Courses:

  • IGE1020H - Engaged Education: Integrating Knowledge, Learning and Success (E)​
  • IGE 2600 - Digital Culture, Race, and Ethnicity (F)​
  • IGE 3200 - Visions of Science and Technology (C3)
  • IGE 3300 - Demons, the Dead, and the Monstrous Other (C3)​
  • IGE 3500 - The Creative Process: Theory and Practice (C3 or D4)​
  • IGE 3600 - UFOs, Illuminati, and other Conspiracy Theories (D4)​

We allow AP credit and course substitutions. Please contact the IGE Program Coordinator, Dr. Hilary Haakenson, for more information. Also, please visit our website.