Interdisciplinary General Education

Advisor Q&A

We have removed most prerequisites and sequence requirements. Students can now take any course that is offered at any time. They also do not need to “stay in the program.”

Very few. The only remaining restrictions are:

  1. Students must be considered college ready (Category II) in order to take IGE 1100 and 1200 to fulfill A2 (English Comp) and C2.

  2. Students must complete three IGE courses before taking the IGE Capstone Course.

We have removed enrollment and sequence restrictions to make IGE more flexible and accommodate the increasing scheduling demands of many majors. You can take the courses whenever they fit your schedule.

While IGE is a writing- and speaking-intensive program, there are no tests. Work is often more consistent with less spikes in intensity. Students are expected to participate regularly, but the courses are not harder than other courses. There is extensive writing in IGE 1100 and 1200, but not significantly more than you would have in English Composition.