Program Information

The Interdisciplinary General Education curriculum provides an integrated, interdisciplinary, discussion-based approach to learning about the humanities, social sciences, and the arts. IGE is an alternative pattern to satisfy 18 units of the University GE requirements in areas A, C, and D.

More Details About Satisfying GEs:

Students ready for GE area A2 with support (categories III and IV) need to enroll in the English stretch courses with support for GE area A2 credit and can enroll in either IGE 1100 or IGE 1200 for GE area C2 credit.

Students who have fulfilled GE area A2 (category I) can also enroll in IGE 1100 or IGE 1200 for GE area C2 credit.

Please refer to the University Programs section in the course catalog for IGE course descriptions.

Total Required for Program: 18 units 

First Year:

Second/Third Year:

How IGE fulfills General Education Requirements:


Year Completion of IGE Courses Satisfies GE Requirements
First IGE 1100, IGE 1200  A2 and C2

IGE 2150, IGE 2250,

IGE 2350

IGE 3100

D1 or C2


C3 or D4


Remaining GE to be Completed. See your major department for advisement: 

Areas A1 and A3
Area B (12 units) 
Area C3 or D4 (may take IGE GE Upper Division Synthesis; see list below)
Area D2
Area E
Area F

*See Your Major Department for Advisement