What is IGE?

IGE is an award-winning program designed for first-year students. The IGE curriculum satisfies 18 units of lower-division and 3 units of upper-division humanities and social sciences GE requirements. Courses are discussion and teamwork oriented, and students develop close relationships with instructors and peers. IGE is an alternative to the traditional GE pattern.

What students are eligible to join the IGE Program? 

First-time freshmen may choose IGE for their general education pattern. Students may also join IGE after completing the English Stretch sequence. Students should consult with their major department to ensure that IGE is compatible with their major requirements.

What sorts of students join the IGE Program?

Students choose IGE for a variety of reasons. Many majors recommend IGE to their majors. Many students choose to join IGE because they:

• Learn best through discussion and group projects

• Want to develop their oral, writing, and social skills

• Seek a challenging active learning experience

• Prefer writing assignments and projects to in-class objective exams

• Desire a small community to help them transition to a large university

• Want to make new friends

• Were recommended to IGE by another student or sibling

Is IGE an honors program? 

No. IGE has some of the characteristics of an honors program—student cohorts, writing intensive, innovative classroom activities, small class sizes (25-35), Arts Events, etc. Students in the Cal Poly Honors Program may also enroll in IGE.

Do students need to take all six courses?

No. Students may exit the program at the end of each year. Completing all six courses creates the most comprehensive IGE experience of collaborative, integrated learning and will ensure that the most GEs are satisfied, but it is not necessary.

Does IGE slow degree progress or require students to take additional credits?

No. Students take the exact same number of classes/units. IGE classes replace other GE classes that needed to be taken anyway.

Can students with AP or IB credit take IGE?

Yes. Students can use AP and IB credit to substitute for some IGE classes.

Is it difficult to register for IGE?

No. Students sign up for the first class, IGE 1100. That’s it!

Please let us know any other questions that you have! Just email Dr. Hilary Haakenson.