History remains one of the most popular majors in American universities. It serves as an excellent preparation for law school, the foreign service, and positions in the public or private sector that involve research, analysis, and presentation. At Cal Poly Pomona, it is also the place where future secondary school history and social science teachers receive their content training.

We offer two major options and a minor for undergraduates. We also have a Master's Program specifically designed for primary and secondary-level school teachers who wish to develop their research skills and deepen their content knowledge of American or World history.

For information about our program, who our faculty are and what they teach, undergraduate and graduate program descriptions, and recent or upcoming events, use the links above. 

If you cannot find the information that you need here, contact the department administrator, Ms. Eva Baeza, via e-mail (for 2020-2021) at embaeza@cpp.edu. If you prefer to send an e-mail to the department chair, contact Dr. Anne Wohlcke at aewohlcke@cpp.edu.

Schedule a visit with your advisor (click here for the list of department advisors) and map out your future. 


Fall 2020 -- Special Welcome! 

Click the video above for a special Fall 2020 welcome message featuring our History Department Chair, Dr. Anne Wohlcke, as well as Dr. John Lloyd and Dr. Michael Slaughter and student honor society (Phi Alpha Theta) president Shannon Dolan! While we cannot welcome you in person, as all instruction is online this semester due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we still remain dedicated to facilitating your success as a history student at Cal Poly Pomona!