Graduate Studies Information

Below are some helpful links about post-BA philosophical education, and about careers for PhDs in philosophy:

For those interested in graduate studies in philosophy, be forewarned that the goal of graduate studies in philosophy (as opposed to the goal of undergraduate studies) is primarily a job teaching philosophy, and that such jobs are extremely difficult to get. See Eric Schwitzgebel's blog post on this theme.

If you decide you must go to graduate school in philosphy, the Philosophical Gourmet Report has rankings on graduate programs as well as a section with advice for undergraduates preparing for graduate school.

The American Philosophical Association (APA) is the is the primary organization for professional philosophers in the US.  In the following link, the APA provides a variety of information about what philosophy majors do after graduation, including, under 'Resources', an APA guide to graduate programs in philosophy:  Data on the Profession.