College of Letters, Arts and Social Sciences

Courses Offered in Department


DAN 2020A          World Dance & Cultures

DAN 2300A          Live Dance Appreciation

DAN 2700A         Jazz/Urban Dance I-II

DAN 2710A          Jazz Dance II-IV

DAN 2720A          Jazz Dance V

DAN 2730A          Modern Dance I-II

DAN 2740A          Modern Dance III-IV

DAN 2760A          Ballet I-II

DAN 277OA          Ballet III-IV

DAN 2790A          Dance Repertory

DAN 2900A          Culture Performance Series

DAN 2940A          Dance Production

DAN 2950L           Festival Production

DAN 2960L           New Dance & Cultures Creative Projects

DAN 2970L           Community Outreach

DAN 2990             Special Topics LD Students

DAN 2990A          Special Topics LD Students Activity

DAN 2990L           Special Topics LD Students

DAN 3200             Dance Improvisation

DAN 3200A          Dance Improvisation Activity

DAN 3400             Dance Theatre

DAN 3400A          Dance Theatre Activity

DAN 3600             Performance Ensemble

DAN 3600A          Performance Ensemble Activity

DAN 4300             Choreography

DAN 4300A          Choreography Activity

DAN 4460             Dance & Its Artistic/Cultural Influences

DAN 4490             Dance in Contemporary Culture

DAN 4600             Dance Education

DAN 4800             New Dance & Cultures Capstone Project

DAN 4990             Special Topics UD Students

DAN 4990A          Special Topics UD Students

DAN 4990L           Special Topics UD Students


TH 1250                 Introduction to Acting

TH 1310                 Stage Craft

TH 1310L               Stage Craft Laboratory

TH 1320                 Costume Craft

TH 1320L               Costume Craft Laboratory

TH 1510                 Acting I

TH 1510L               Acting I Laboratory

TH 1700A             Applied Theatre Series

TH 1770                 Applied Theatre in Education Community

TH 2000                 Special Problems Lower Division Students

TH 2030                 Introduction to Theatre

TH 2080                 Introduction to Film & American Culture

TH 2280                 Text Analysis

TH 2310                 Principles & Practices of Theatrical Design

TH 2330                 Drafting & Rendering

TH 2440A              Theatre Practicum

TH 2520                 Vocal Techniques for Theatre I

TH 2530                 Acting II

TH 2530L               Acting II Laboratory

TH 2540                 Movement for Theatre

TH 2580                 Business of Acting

TH 2610                 Stage Management

TH 2990                 Special Topics Lower Division Students

TH 3010                 Through Artists' Eyes

TH 3110                 Developments in World Theatre I

TH 3120                 Developments in World Theatre II

TH 3210                 Peer Theatre

TH 3320                 Lighting Design

TH 3320L               Lighting Design Laboratory

TH 3330                 Computer Aided Theatre Design

TH 3370                 Scenic Design

TH 3370L               Scenic Design Laboratory

TH 3520                 Vocal Techniques for Theatre II

TH 3530                 Acting III

TH 3530L               Acting III Laboratory

TH 3540                 Shakespeare in Performance

TH 3550                 Theatre Improvisation

TH 3560                 Directing

TH 3560L               Directing Laboratory

TH 3700                 Advanced Applied Theatre

TH 3770A              Advanced Applied Theatre-Ed & Comm

TH 3810                 Costume Design & History

TH 3810L               Costume Design & History Laboratory

TH 4000                 Special Problems Upper Division Students

TH 4010                 Playwriting & Dramatic Structure

TH 4100                 Theatrical Pursuit of an American Ideology

TH 4200A              Summer Theatre

TH 4210                 Theatre in Education

TH 4230                 Integrated Arts

TH 4250                 Community Based Theatre

TH 4310                 Portfolio Development

TH 4440L               Advanced Theatre Practicum

TH 4540                 Styles of Acting

TH 4540L               Styles of Acting Laboratory

TH 4590                 Filmmaking

TH 4590L               Filmmaking Laboratory

TH 4990                 Special Topics Upper Division

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