Theatre and New Dance

Audition Information

Upcoming Spring 2024 General Auditions:

Date & Time: Wednesday, 29 November 2023
5:00pm to 9:00pm


The Wolves
Friday, 01 December 2023, 5:00pm to 8:00pm

Last Best Small Town
Monday, 04 December 2023, 5:00pm to 8:00pm

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  • Please prepare two contrasting monologues each two minutes in length. 
  • Please bring with you three copies of your resume/list of your past play experiences (if you have them) and two copies of a headshot or selfie.



The Wolves

*All actors who identify as women or non-binary are encouraged to audition.

#11 Midfield. Brainy, morbid, budding elitist, thoughtful. Seventeen.
#25 Defense, Captain. Classic (ex)coach’s daughter. Seventeen.
#13 Midfield. Stoner, older pot dealer brother, into her wackiness. Sixteen.
#46 Bench. New girl. Awkward, different, just wants to fit in. Sixteen.
#2 Defense. Innocent, unlucky, kind, skinny. Sixteen.
#7 Striker. Too cool for school. Sarcastic, “fuck”, thick eyeliner. Almost seventeen.
#14 Midfield. #7’s insecure sidekick. Just switched to contacts. Sixteen.
#8 Defense. Plays dumber than she is. Sixteen.
#00 Goalie. Intense performance anxiety, perfectionist, high achiever. Seventeen.
SOCCER MOM, she is living through the Unimaginable, 38 or older


Last Best Small Town

PLAYWRIGHT - (30s or maybe 40s. Perhaps it's difficult to tell). This character can be an actor of any gender. But it would be best if they were a person of color. Extra points if they are Latinx. 

CHUY - (Late 60s). His full name is Jesús Gonzalez Muñatones, but everyone has always called him Chuy. He is Elliot's paternal grandfather and a plumber at a local plumbing company. 

BENNY - (Mid 40s at the start of the play). Benito Gonzalez is a son, a father, a husband, and a provider. Married to Della, he is a Southern Californian who has lived his entire life in Fillmore. He spends his days working as a mechanic at a car dealership in Valencia. He does not own a car. 

HANK - (Mid 40s at the start of the play). Hank William Miller is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, the editor of the local paper (known as the Fillmore Gazette), and Willow's husband. He likes a green lawn. 

DELLA - (43 at the start of the play). Dolores Gonzalez is an unwavering supporter of her family. She works as a cleaning lady for the Fillmore Best Western during the week and runs her own home-maid service on the weekends to help pay the bills. 

WILLOW - (43 at the start of the play). A force to be reckoned with, Willow Miller is a college graduate who met Hank at an anti-war protest. Now she is a housewife who manages almost every aspect of Miller house with aplomb. 

ELLIOT - (18 at the start of the play). Elliot Gonzalez is the Fillmore High School valedictorian of 2005. People call him Eli (pronounced El-EE). 

MAYA - (17 at the start of the play). Maya Miller is the Fillmore High School debate team captain elect, an all-around great student.


Department of Theatre, Repertory Performance Company

Establish a performance program dedicated to providing students with specialized training in acting, professional etiquette and the tools necessary to enter graduate school and/or the professional arena. In order to accomplish these goals, the company has established a set of standards that will encourage students to be highly disciplined: to be completely focused on the challenges that will be placed in front of them egularly: to be resilient in their spirit to use instruction and their talent to achieve new levels of excellence.



The Department of Theatre and New Dance provides opportunities within a diverse and inclusive environment to explore and develop meaningful, innovative ideas that engage the interdependence of process and creation. Students develop critical thinking and disciplinary excellence through experiential learning, collaboration and interdisciplinary practices to prepare them to be current and relevant artists. Students work within established and experimental processes utilizing trends in new technologies, community and contemporary performance practices. 



In an accessible, innovative and fearless laboratory environment, we will nurture and challenge students from a diversity of backgrounds and circumstances to become whole artists with multiple frames of reference who create in their own, distinct voices, and engage with community and society at large. 



COLLABORATION:  Ensemble, respect, working as part of a team 

COMMUNITY (Inclusion in gender/sexuality/etc., outreach, diversity, social justice 

OPPORTUNITY (exposure to range of skills) 


ARTISTIC INTEGRITY (Rigor, professional etiquette, process-oriented) 

EQUITY (Accommodate and help flourish)