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Theatre Rental Information

The University Theatre is a single level, continental configuration, 516-seat facility, equipped with modern sound and lighting systems. There is a spacious furnished lobby with full box office facilities, and portable concession counters. There is a complete video and audio monitor system throughout the building. Additional facility specifications follow.



Load in point is at the rear of the scenery shop. Loading door size is 8'0"wide x 15'0"high. The loading dock is a 42' wide x 46' deep. It is a covered and partially enclosed area, with one 10' wide truck door at a 46" height and a 10' wide loading ramp. This arrangement allows us to unload two trucks simultaneously.


Dressing rooms are adjacent to the main stage, as are both the men's and women's restrooms and the green room. The two large dressing rooms, Rooms 102 and 108 adjoin the restrooms and have 9 and 11 lighted makeup stations respectively. In both the restrooms there are two shower stalls. Rooms 104 and 105 are small, semi-private dressing rooms with two lighted makeup stations each. Room 107 has 13 lighted makeup stations and has two sinks in the room. The green room has direct access to the stage. In addition to the lounge area, there are vending machines, sink and refrigerator. All of these areas are equipped with video monitors and can be fed either audio from the main stage or paging or both.


The dimensions of the proscenium are thirty-four wide by twenty feet high. There is a velour covered false proscenium, which can close the stage opening down to thirty feet wide by fourteen feet high. The depth from the plaster line is thirty feet plus an eight-foot crossover. The depth of the apron to the front edge of the stage is eight feet. Stage right wing space is seventeen feet and stage left wing space is twenty feet. From the stage floor to the grid is fifty feet. The normal height of trim for borders is approximately sixteen to twenty feet.


Stage drapes are all black velour with the exception of the main drape, which is a medium blue with a single one-foot band of purple one-foot from the floor. The main drape measures 22' x 22' each panel, and can be flown or traveled open. Legs are 8' wide x 24' tall. Full borders are 45' wide x 24' tall. Masking borders are 45' x 10' tall.

Theatre Facility Contact

For estimates and other rental inquiries, please contact:

Jonathan Bastow
Theatre Facility Coordinator
Phone: (909) 869-3957
Fax: (909) 869-3185