Theatre and New Dance

Mission & Vision


The Department of Theatre and New Dance provides opportunities within a diverse and inclusive environment to explore and develop meaningful, innovative ideas that engage the interdependence of process and creation. Students develop critical thinking and disciplinary excellence through experiential learning, collaboration and interdisciplinary practices to prepare them to be current and relevant artists. Students work within established and experimental processes utilizing trends in new technologies, community and contemporary performance practices. 



In an accessible, innovative and fearless laboratory environment, we will nurture and challenge students from a diversity of backgrounds and circumstances to become whole artists with multiple frames of reference who create in their own, distinct voices, and engage with community and society at large. 



COLLABORATION:  Ensemble, respect, working as part of a team 

COMMUNITY (Inclusion in gender/sexuality/etc., outreach, diversity, social justice 

OPPORTUNITY (exposure to range of skills) 


ARTISTIC INTEGRITY (Rigor, professional etiquette, process-oriented) 

EQUITY (Accommodate and help flourish)