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The best forms of marketing don’t feel like marketing at all. Become fluent in new approaches, foundational practices and the latest platforms, as you prepare to excel in this fast-paced field and stay ahead of trends. This program will guide you in developing strategies to help support business decisions and gain the skills needed to succeed.

Go beyond traditional marketing practices and understand your customer's digital world. From practical marketing strategies to customer segmentation, journey design, search engine optimization (SEO), paid and organic social media, marketing analytics, pay-per-click advertising, and more, be ready to roll up your sleeves and apply your new skills in this hands-on, interactive course. This certificate program is offered through Zschool. 

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All are invited! The program is designed for both individuals and teams who want to achieve personal growth, influence change at their company, and who are empowered to drive new initiatives. Topics are interdisciplinary and are appropriate for those at all levels, including leadership and management roles throughout the organization. And it doesn't make a difference which department you're in - all departments can participate, such as human resources, sales, marketing, product design, IT, finance, operations, and legal.

As a multidisciplinary program, the coursework provides an overview of the expanding digital marketing and communications field, and includes marketing management, automations and integrated technologies.

In a world where more and more activities are automated and online, digital marketing can seem overwhelming. Learn time-proven frameworks to assess your customers' needs and identify your primary marketing objectives. This course prepares you with a clear path to innovate and the tools to triumph.

The program is broken down into 8 modules and finishes up with a Capstone Project.

  1. Digital Strategy

  2. Why Client Insight is the Ultimate Guide

  3. Marketing Automation

  4. Content Marketing

  5. Social Media

  6. Drive Leads & Sales with Paid Search

  7. Data & Analytics

  8. Digital Transformation

Capstone Project: Digital Marketing Portfolio

During the program, you work through projects most important to you and your company and develop plans to utilize your new skills. As you document each step, you’ll create your own toolkit and Digital Marketing Portfolio to organize your findings and identify the key actions needed to accomplish your goals for ultimate success.

Sue Grabowski

Sue thinks big and then executes her vision. As the CEO of Desidara, she has built a team of designers, web and multimedia developers and writers that help organizations from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies communicate effectively. Clients include Danone North America, Erie Insurance, The Timken Co., Morgan Engineering, Akron Children’s Hospital and The Schroer Group.

Sue recognized the traditional advertising agency model was shifting and that many of the opportunities online and digital communications offered shouldn’t just be add-ons to her business. As a result, she aggressively restructured her agency, changing not only the company name but also its specialties, skills and client models to get ahead of the trends.

In recent years, she partnered with a tech expert to launch Squawqr Mobile Media, which is a technology platform that transforms data into web apps for public companies, small businesses, academia and nonprofits.

Matt Bailey

With more than 20 years in the online marketing industry, Matt excels in combining his marketing background with programming know-how to help companies create comprehensive strategies that improve web presence and conversions. Matt was an internet entrepreneur in the early '90s, which led to his development in SEO. After selling his first venture, he worked as a software engineer and then built the online marketing departments at two agencies.

Matt founded SiteLogic Marketing in 2006 and gained immediate attention in the industry, catapulting SiteLogic as one of the top online marketing agencies. He has taught at companies including Google, Experian, Microsoft, Disney, Proctor & Gamble, and IBM, and has worked with a vast and widely-known clientele. He’s authored books including Internet Marketing: An Hour a Day, Wired to be Wowed, and Teach New Dogs Old Tricks.

Sharon Goldmacher

Sharon is a veteran in the marketing and public relations industry, beginning her career in Atlanta in 1987. She develops integrated, results-focused marketing, PR and digital campaigns for clients in real estate, community improvement districts, food/beverage, professional services, sports, nonprofits and technology. Completive by nature, she created communications 21 in 1992, at the naïve age of 28, to see if she could do it. Within the first two years, she won the DeKalb Chamber’s Stargazer award for “Small Business Start-Up of the Year” and the Young Advertising Professional Award presented by the Atlanta Ad Club. In 2013, she won Business to Business Magazine’s Woman of Excellence award. Over the next 28 years, the company has garnered 80+ awards for its campaigns.

David Holt

David has a 20+ year history of selling and servicing premium brands locally, nationally and globally to discerning clients for category leaders in bespoke hospitality, luxury real estate, global corporate housing, wine country catering, and marquee names in finance, consulting, technology and the modern workplace movement.

Always the "client insight guy" at any company he's worked for, David has often been the leader of the client experience team. His current role is Vice President of Client Experience at Garten, Inc. where the customer journey of all Garten clients coast-to-coast rolls up to him.

David's past clients elsewhere include the majority of "Fortune 100" accounts as well as start- ups in every stage of development. The art and science of business storytelling in relation to the Customer Journey is David's area of expertise. This includes the RFP process, onboarding 

new clients, growing existing business, and retaining at-risk accounts through a joint effort with C-level client leaders, Venture Capitalist investors, Equity Finance Firms and a playbook of Marketing resources.

Brandon Walton

Brandon is an active cloud-computing technologist, consultant and business instructor with more than 10 years in assisting businesses with digital adaption. He has developed corporate training curriculums for enterprise clients including Microsoft, Amazon and TD Bank. Brandon currently manages a Sales & Marketing firm specializing in implementing Cloud CRM Solutions. He is also a Salesforce 2020 Marketing Champion and speaker for user groups and regional events.

Some of Brandon's attributes include: 4x Salesforce Certified Consultant (Pardot, Salesforce Admin, Sales Cloud); W3 Schools Certified JavaScript, HTML & CSS Developer; Adjunct Continuing Education Professor: Workforce Development South Sea; Microsoft Partner Learning Community Contributor: Speaker & LMS Developer; Awarded Salesforce Marketing Champion 2020.

Leah Knapp

Leah is the Senior Director of Hilton Grand Vacations and oversees the content marketing strategy. She has more than 20 years of experience developing and executing on public relations, social media and digital marketing campaigns in the education, financial services and hospitality industries, primarily for Fortune 500 and other publicly traded companies.

Leah is a storyteller at heart and strongly believes that the best content marketers know how to marry the art of storytelling with the science of data and measurement.

The full price of the program is $4,995. Discounts are available, please fill out the form by clicking Enroll Now button.


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The program can be completed on your own schedule. Plan to spend approximately 2-4 hours for each module. This time will include watching videos, completing exercises and joining the discussion. We suggest completing at least one module a week, finishing in eight weeks. Overall, average time spent is from 24 - 32 hours (depending on the projects you pick to work on).

You'll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a self-paced course. Unlike other online courses

comprised solely of reading and tests, your online learning experience Includes:

  • Learn by doing approach.

  • Easy-to-use learning platform.

  • Short Video presentations that can be replayed and revisited as needed.

  • Engaging activities and exercises that reinforce your new skills, and are downloadable

    for multi-purpose use.

  • Knowledge challenges to test your learning.

  • Interactive discussions with peers and instructors.

  • Professional plans of action to take back to your organization.

  • An official university-backed certificate after completion.

  • Inbox access to instructors and teacher aides.

  • Helpful templates, eBooks, workbooks, posters and more, all included.

Certain skills and up-to-date technology are needed to successfully complete the program.

This includes:

  • Computer or tablet with Internet access

  • Up to date browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.

  • Microsoft Word or equivalent

  • Microsoft Excel or equivalent

  • Microsoft PowerPoint or equivalent

  • Adobe PDF Reader

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