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All candidates for the Preliminary Education Specialist Instruction Credential must pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) in order to qualify for a Preliminary Credential. The RICA Written Examination consists of two sections that, together, permit a broad and deep assessment of the candidate's knowledge about effective reading instruction in the five RICA domains and the candidate's ability to apply that knowledge.  This course will help you prepare to take the RICA Exam.

Any student who is required to pass the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment (RICA) in order to apply for their preliminary credential.

  • Review informal and formal reading assessment strategies
  • Review methods of reading and writing instruction
  • Review appropriate instructional delivery techniques
  • Review test taking techniques

Cecilia De La Torre has been classroom and resource teacher for almost 20 years.  She received her M.Ed., Reading from the University of La Verne in 2005 and taught in the Reading/Literacy Department of the University of La Verne from 2013-2018.
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