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Construction Manager was named the Best Construction Job in 2021 and the average salary is over $75,000 per year. The Construction Management Certificate is ideal for anyone seeking to advance in the building and design field. Important aspects such as accounting procedures, legal issues, estimating and bidding, and the negotiating process are presented.

Required Courses (6 Courses, 150 Contact Hours)

Introduction to estimating utilizing the CSI format. Requires no knowledge of estimating, but some knowledge of basic algebra and blueprint reading would be helpful.

Required Textbook: Fundamentals of Construction Estimating by David Pratt. ISBN: 9781337399395

Class begins on May 22, 2024. Class ends on July 31, 2024. (These meetings will be in person at the CPP campus.)

Note: No class on July 3, 2024, due to Independence Day

This class will provide an understanding of the theory and process of negotiation. The class will examine a broad spectrum of negotiation problems faced by all managers and professionals with a special emphasis on situations typical of the construction industry. Students will develop these abilities and gain an understanding of negotiation in useful analytical frameworks.

Required Textbook: Think Before You Speak by Lewicki, Hiam, and Olander.
ISBN: 9780471013211 

Class begins on May 21, 2024. Class ends on July 30, 2024. (These meetings will be in person at the CPP campus.)

Note: No class on July 2, 2024, due to Independence Day

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This course will provide the students with a good understanding of the concepts of Critical Path Method of Scheduling and a working knowledge of the steps involved in developing a C.P.M. Schedule, which is a requirement of virtually all construction, contracts in today’s industry. The history of schedule development, from a planning tool to a comprehensive project management tool is covered. Logic development, detailed cost loading, manpower loading, equipment utilization, disruption and delay analysis, and float identification and manipulation are covered in this course.

Required Textbook: Construction Planning and Scheduling, Fourth Edition by Jimmie W. Hinze; Prentice Hall / Pearson. ISBN13: 9780132473989

Class begins on August 20, 2024. Class ends on October 22, 2024. (These meetings will be in person at the CPP campus.)

This course covers an overview of construction accounting and cost control management from the prospective of a project manager/construction manager. Topics include construction accounting codes, accounting terms and management information systems used in construction, budget tracking & projection, job cost reporting, labor/material/equipment costing and subcontractor & vendor invoices, overhead costs, owner pay applications (billings), review of percentage of completion method & schedule of values, contract revenues/profits and internal controls.

Required Textbook:  Financial Management and Accounting Fundamentals for Construction, 4th Edition by Daniel W. Halpin & Bolivar A. Senior. ISBN-13: 9780470182710 

Class begins on August 19, 2024. Class ends on October 28, 2024. (These meetings will be in person at the CPP campus.) 

Note: No class on September 2, 2024, due to Labor Day

Overview of the legal system as it relates to the construction industry; contractor’s license law; contracts; mechanic lien laws; home improvement contracts; contractor and design professional relationships.

Class begins on January 17, 2024. Class ends on March 20, 2024. (These meetings will be virtual via ZOOM and In-Person.)

Important Dates:

  • February 21st, 2024: Midterm Exam will be held in person on campus
  • March 20th, 2024: Final Exam will be held in person on campus


Review and interpretation of the construction phase management documents and tools, which are normally the responsibility of the on-site Project Engineer to establish, monitor, and deliver for the proper and timely execution of a construction project.

Required Textbook:  Project Management in Construction, Fifth Edition by Sidney M. Levy. ISBN-13: 978-0-07-146417-8. ISBN-10: 0-07-146417-4

Recommended:  Construction Operations Manual of Policies and Procedures, Fourth Edition by Andrew M. Civitello. ISBN: 978-0-7-143219-1

* This class replaces CMC 140 -  Labor & Employment and Managing Employee Relations.

Class begins on January 18, 2024. Class ends on March 21, 2024. (These meetings will be in person at the CPP campus.)

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Guidelines and requirements for managing and administering the labor relations/employee relations programs in construction. Topics include a review of applicable labor laws, including Davis/Bacon, OSHA, E.E.O., and F.L.S.A.

* This class has been replaced by CMC 170 – Project Management Engineer for Construction.

  • Anyone ready for responsibility for construction, building, design, and renovation projects
  • Contractors, sub-contractors, architects, project managers, engineers, and facilities managers
  • Real estate professionals
  • Finance professionals in the construction industry


The current course schedule which includes class meeting times, locations and design is subject to change without notice or obligation. The University does not guarantee the availability of a particular course or section, and reserves the right to cancel due to insufficient enrollment.

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