Cyber Security & Awareness Fair

Demo Village

Demo Village

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Internet of Things (IoT) related threats and best practices for securing IoT devices

Presented by /script

Zoom logo Learn about possible attack surfaces for routers and how to secure router/apps in order to keep IoT devices safe. Recent exploit of IoT vulnerability 10am

Artificial Intelligence Facial Recognition

Presented by FAST

Zoom logo Artificial intelligence (AI) and facial recognition play large roles in our society. Unfortunately, they come with the all too common bias. FAST recognizes these issues and presents to you "AI: From Facial Recognition to TikTok." In our booth, we will look at the technical and societal  issues that plague artificial intelligence and facial recognition and will discuss common security issues that can be easily fixed to secure even those who find computers most difficult. Additionally, we will discuss the security of popular apps: TikTok and Snapchat.  10:30am

Cyber Patriot

Presented by Troy

Zoom logo

 Learn how to prepare and train for Cyberpatriot:

- How to compete remotely in the world of COVID

 - Practices on zoom

 - Team digital coordination 

 - Q&A with Coach Stubblefield (2x national champion) and some Troy HS CyberPatriot competitors


Phishing - What’s happening under the hood

Presented by MISSA

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The attacks by phishing websites have increased during covid-19. It is important that everyone, from organizations to individuals becomes aware of it in order to prevent thousands of financial losses and more importantly identity theft.

Purpose of this project is to teach people the dangers of phishing. Showing exactly how user credentials are logged and then manipulated by attackers.


Securing Devices at Home and Work

Presented by Chaffey

Zoom logo  Remote working is the new normal but the cyber threats have only grown and adapted. This video will show you cyber security weaknesses, cyber hacks, and things you can do to secure your mobile devices and routers at your home office and your small business away from the home.   11:45am

Domains and Dragons - Attacking a Windows server

Presented by SWIFT

Zoom logo Penetration testing plays a crucial role in cyber security by simulating how an attacker can gain access to an organization’s resources in order to prevent future attacks before they can occur. In the era of remote learning and working from home, the number of people connecting to organizations remotely is greater than ever, resulting in new potential vulnerabilities within an organization. In our presentation, we will be demonstrating the different steps in penetration testing and showcasing typical methods used by potential attackers. 1pm- 2pm