Cybersecurity & Awareness Fair

Strategic Partnerships

Cal Poly Pomona’s Cybersecurity and Awareness Fair is the premier west coast event with national reach dedicated to bringing together cybersecurity focused individuals from academia, research and industry to share their knowledge, gain hands-on experience, and foster peer-to peer opportunities. CSAF is also an excellent opportunity for companies to connect with students and recruit them into cybersecurity careers. 

Key Education Partners to the CSAF Include:

Chaffey College

Chaffey College's Cybersecurity program is not only the first in the region to offer an Associate's Degree in Cybersecurity but is one of few institutions that is a certified Amazon AWS Academy. However, this is not what makes our program unique. What makes our program truly special is that lead faculty member has operational experience in cybersecurity and custom designed our lab space to house 9 racks full of enterprise grade equipment. In our classes students work to build an operational system that is resilient against cyber-attacks from the ground up. Equipment ranges from Intrusion Prevention systems and servers to Hacking gear you may have seen on shows like MR. Robot! Chaffey College's program offers what you would expect, hands-on custom written labs, industry certification pathways, internships, and courses that align with the skills employers truly want, to get stuff done!

For additional information:

Fullerton College

The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department at Fullerton College studies the use of software, hardware, data, networks, and the Internet to design and develop information technology systems. CIS students learn how to apply current computer technology to real-world business problems. Our programs provide interactive, hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology, innovative media, and virtual labs and simulations.

Cyber Security Technician Certificate: Designed to prepare students who intend to pursue employment in entry-level cyber-security /forensics positions. -Cyber Security Analyst Certificate (Level 2): This certificate option requires completion of the Cyber Security Technician Certificate and additionally provides advanced courses in ethical hacking, cyber-security tools and networking.

Cyber Security Master Certificate (Level 3): Designed to prepare students who intend to pursue employment in cyber-security/forensics positions. The program provides a comprehensive knowledge and training in technical and managerial skills to analyze cyber security threats from a variety of perspectives at the enterprise and national levels. This certificate option requires completion of the Cyber Security Analyst Certificate and additionally provides advanced courses in programming and operating systems.

Hornet Security Education Center at Fullerton College

Troy High School

The mission of the Troy Tech Magnet Program in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) is to provide secondary students with a four-year, technology-based education in preparation for the 21st century; to offer opportunities for career exploration through job-shadowing experiences and technical classes emphasizing both theory and application; to involve influential community leaders from business, industry and academia in shaping and supporting the program; and to advise and support seniors as they fulfill internships under the direction of a professional mentor in a field compatible with their career interest.

Troy High School