Cybersecurity & Awareness Fair

2023 Poster Contest Winners

Cybersecurity Proof of Concept:

First Place - Cal Poly Pomona

Brainwave Authentication - Christopher Hernandez

Second Place - Cal Poly Pomona

Covert Channels of Communication - Kevin Kwik

Third Place - Cal Poly Pomona

Security Vulnerabilities of Self Driving Cars and Artificial Intelligence, Antoine, Si

Fourth Place - Sacred Heart

Today's Digital Age - Ann Porter, Katherine Byrne, Haily Incorvaia


Cybersecurity Awareness: 

First Place - Cal Poly Pomona

Guardians of Chat, Daniel Apel

Second Place (tie) - Diamond Bar High School

Digital Censorship in China and the Great Firewall, Joe Zhao, Aaron Liang

Second Place (tie) - Cal State University, Long beach

Passive Reconnaissance, Amie Lim, Adrian Lopez

Third Place - Sacred Heart

Watch Your Smart Watches, Hannah Fawle, Daniel LeBlanc