Environmental Health and Safety

Asbestos Management

Asbestos is used in many types of manufactured materials and can sometimes produce harmful fibers. The University’s Asbestos Control Program is designed to prevent employee exposure to this substance. If you suspect that asbestos containing materials have been disturbed, it is best to not disturb the material to prevent making dust and to call Environmental Health and Safety so we can review the area in question.

The list of asbestos locations is also available for review in the office of Environmental Health and Safety.

If you have any questions, contact Vince Barnese, Environmental Specialist, at (909) 869-4750.

Ref: California Administrative Code, Title 8, Section 5208.

Airborne asbestos levels in buildings are much lower than those in industrial workplaces where serious health effects such as lung cancer and asbestosis have been observed. However, it is important for individuals to follow proper work practices to minimize the potential for disturbing ACBM. Avoid touching asbestos materials on wall, ceilings, pipes, or boilers. Do not drill holes, hang plants or other objects from walls/ceilings made of ACBM. Do not disturb ACBM when replacing light bulbs. If you find ACBM that have been damaged, report it to the Facilities Management Work Order Center at extension 3030. Do not disturb damaged asbestos material or asbestos debris. Only persons authorized and properly trained should perform any work which may disturb asbestos materials.

Asbestos Containing Building Materials may pose a threat to your health, particularly when asbestos fibers become airborne due to material aging, deterioration, or as the result of damage. Asbestos conditions in University buildings may vary. Specific Locations where ACBM have been found are on the attached building survey.

We take this occasion also to inform you that Cal Poly has had an active program in place to minimize employee exposure to asbestos. As a part of that program, we have conducted and will continue to conduct inspections and tests to ensure that asbestos levels are within acceptable limits.

Any employee may review the asbestos survey report and results of bulk sampling or air monitoring tests conducted in our buildings. All asbestos-related data will be available during normal business hours at the Environmental Health and Safety Department.

Maintenance locations containing ACBM must be identified by the provided template.