Environmental Health and Safety

Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Committee

The Radiation Safety Committee (RSC) is tasked with ensuring the safe use of radiation by approved users and ensuring compliance with Federal, State and local requirements. The RSC reviews and approves use authorizations for radioactive materials and radiation generating equipment.

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Ordering Procedures

Ordering radioactive materials and equipment requires RSO pre-approval prior to ordering to ensure possession limits of the materials license are not exceeded. To request radioactive materials or equipment, please send a detailed request to EH&S for review along with a justification for the materials requested. Materials may only be ordered by users with a current Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) that has been approved by the Radiation Safety Committee, in alignment with the Radiation Safety Manual. To learn more about the process of ordering radiation sources, please contact EH&S.

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Radiation Waste

For questions regarding radiation waste and the process of disposing radioactive materials, please refer to the Radiation Safety Manual or contact Environmental Health and Safety at (909) 869-4697.