Environmental Health and Safety

Indoor Air Quality

A large focus of EH&S with regards to air quality is focused on the topic of indoor air quality simply due to the fact that a vast majority of University employees work within campus facilities or buildings. While concerns often range from temperature fluctuations, to strange odors, EH&S typically responds to concerns that present health and/or safety concerns to employees. A large amount of indoor air quality issues are ultimately referred to Facilities Management due to the involvement of the cooling/heating systems (HVAC).

Nuisance Odors:

Nuisance odors are smells or odors not associated with any health effects. For nuisance odors like burning food, perfumes etc. please contact Facilities Management Customer Service to make a request to HVAC to address the area. Typically, most moderate nuisance odors will dissipate within 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the number of air changes per hour in your building.

Non-Nuisance Odors:

Non-nuisance odors are characterized by odors that are causing health related issues such as burning eyes, burning nasal passages, burning/scratchy throat or general eye, nasal, throat irritation etc. These types of concerns should be addressed to EH&S.

Examples are odors that cause discomfort or characterized by health related symptoms such as burning eyes, burning nose etc.