Environmental Health and Safety

Student Safety Training

View the Student Safety Training Plans (PDF) for more details on both the Base Learning Plan and the Supplemental Student Safety Training Plans described below.

Base Learning Plan

The Base Learning Plan  includes the following general safety training courses for all Cal Poly Pomona students.

Supplemental Student Safety Training Plans

The Supplemental Student Safety Training Plans listed below are for students participating in all classes, labs, research activities, technical work areas, and campus-sponsored clubs and organizations classified by Environmental Health & Safety as a Tier 1 elevated hazard level.  These plans are designed to cover hazard-specific training more relevant to the student activities/work being performed.

Additional site-specific training on standard operating procedures (SOP’s) or unique equipment can vary from one area to another and must be identified by the Principal Investigator (PI), if applicable.

Supplemental courses to address hazards associated with driving on campus, State business, travel, etc.

Provides training related to fall positioning, fall arrest systems, fall protection, elevated work platforms, scaffolding and ladders.

Provides an overview of laboratory safety and training related to common hazards associated with laboratory work.

Supplemental courses unique to laser-related projects.

Supplemental training unique to radiation generating equipment such as X-ray diffraction, bone density and similar equipment.

Supplemental training to address hazards associated with radioactive materials exposure including sealed and unsealed sources of radiation.