Driving during a downpour on campus
Risk Management



Cal Poly Pomona employees in active, state-funded pay status, including student assistants, or appointed volunteers may be authorized to drive on university business. The campus may not authorize others to drive on university business, such as students, or any non-state employees including employees of the Cal Poly Pomona auxiliary organizations.

University business constitutes driving in performance of, or necessary to, or in the course of the duties on University employment.

Authorization is necessary for driving any university vehicle defined as a motorized device for land transportation, owned, leased or rented by the university, state or any state agency, including and not limited to automobiles, trucks, golf carts, tractors, etc.

All persons applying for driver authorization will be enrolled in the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Employer Pull Notice Program. The DMV Employer Pull Notice Program (EPN) is a program that enables government organizations, like Cal Poly Pomona, to monitor the driving records of employees who drive as part of conducting official University business. Based on your enrollment in the DMV EPN Program, your driver record will be monitored annually. Cal Poly Pomona will also receive notices of driving activity occurrences such as tickets, accidents, or suspensions from the DMV.



To qualify to drive on university business an employee or volunteer must:

  • Possess a valid state driver's license with the correct class for the type of vehicle they are driving
  • Complete CSU approved drivers training
  • Receive written authorization by their HEERA Manager via the Authorized University Driver Application
  • Have and maintain a good and safe driving record



 Steps to Becoming Authorized to Drive on University Business

  STEP ONE: Complete the following mandatory trainings:

  1. Distracted Driving 2.0
  2. Defensive Driver Program - Driving Safely, Driving Smarter
  3. Additional required training for powered cart drivers: Powered Cart Safety Training
  STEP TWO: Complete the Authorized University Driver Application
  1. Click Here to Apply: OnBase Authorized University Driver Application
  2. Log in with your CPP Username and Password
  3. Complete the application and submit  
  The form will be automatically sent to your HEERA Manager for approval.
   STEP THREE: Watch for Email Authorization
  1. You will first receive an email notification that Risk Management is processing your notification.    YOU ARE NOT YET AUTHORIZED TO DRIVE
  2. Please allow 3 - 5 business days for the DMV EPN enrollment and driver review.
  3. Upon verification of a good driving record, you will receive a final email notice of authorization indicating that you ar authorized to drive on University business.
   STEP FOUR: Review and comply with all guidelines. 
  1.  CSU - Use of University & Private Vehicles Guidelines


Driving Privately Owned Vehicles on State Business

Before a person may be authorized to use a privately owned vehicle to conduct State business, the person must complete and submit the Authorization to Use Privately Owned Vehicle on State Business form to their HEERA Manager, certifying in writing that the vehicle used will always be: 

  • Covered by liability insurance in at least the following amounts:
    • $15,000 for personal injury to, or death of, one person,
    • $30,000 for personal injury to two or more persons in one accident, and,
    • $5,000 for property damage;
  • Adequate for the work to be performed;
  • Equipped with safety belts in operating condition; and,
  • In safe mechanical condition as required by law.
The completed authorization form should be renewed annually and retained by the supervisor empowered to approve the use of the  privately owned vehicles.