Aerospace Engineering

Clubs and Organizations

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics is a national organization dating back over 70 years. Aerospace engineers founded the organization itself with the goal of promoting the field. Cal Poly Pomona club chapter accomplishes this goal by hosting company tours and speaker meetings, as well as keeping students in contact with industry. The organization also strives to help students in school by hosting tutoring sessions, movie nights, and other social events to help with student morale. Visit Cal Poly Pomona AIAA Student Branch and AIAA Home Page for more information. 

Cal Poly Pomona Unmanned Autonomous Systems Club (UAS)

The Unmanned Autonomous Systems (UAS) club was created with the purpose of training students to work with UAS technologies by promoting a hands-on learning experience. Students are introduced to a variety of workshops and projects that are intended to enhance practical and technical skills that can be brought into real-world applications. For beginners, lessons are provided to give students the confidence and basic skills needed to engage in project teams. Students of all majors and backgrounds are encouraged to join the club and work together to develop the knowledge and appreciation for this ever-growing industry.

Undergraduate Missiles, Ballistics, and Rocketry Association (UMBRA)

The Undergraduate Missiles, Ballistics, and Rocketry Association (UMBRA) is one of the Aerospace Engineering Department opportunities for a hands-on learning experience. The club concentrates on building up to twelve feet long rockets capable of reaching two miles altitude for national competitions such as NASA Student Launch, and for personal interests.

Bronco Space Club

Bronco Space serves as an avenue for the “learn by doing” methodology of the university, as the new, student-led, Small Satellite Development group at Cal Poly Pomona. With an overarching dream of space flight, students who are a part of this organization research and develop solutions and missions to explore the far reaches of Earth's Atmosphere and the Great Expanse of Outer Space. Bronco Space allows people of all majors to be active learners and apply their classroom knowledge into hands-on projects that are entirely dreamed, designed, and built by students.

Sigma Gamma Tau (SGT)

Qualified students are invited to join the student chapter of Sigma Gamma Tau, the aerospace engineering honor society.
Visit the Sigma Gamma Tau page for more information.

Tau Beta Pi (TBP)

The Tau Beta Pi Association is an honor society for students in engineering. Visit the Tau Beta Pi page for more information.