Leadership Program

Self-Awareness Challenge

Improving your ability to function within a team environment requires understanding your strengths and weaknesses, your personality, and where you find engagement in your work.  The Self-awareness challenge covers both self-awareness and self-mastery.  Self-awareness is the knowledge of our personality, behaviors, values, strengths, and weaknesses that motivate us and help us prioritize our decisions.  Self-mastery is the skill of being authentic and intentional.  Self-awareness and self-mastery are two of the four domains that make up emotional intelligence (EI).  


Develop the vocabulary to describe your personality, strengths, and sources of engagement as well as the values and principles you use to guide your actions and form your attitudes.


Students who complete the self-awareness challenge will be able to:

  1. Describe their personality
  2. Describe their strengths and sources of engagement
  3. Describe their preferred team roles as well as roles that are less desirable
  4. Identify personal values and principles that make up your ethics
  5. Validate personal assessments (which helps you determine if the results of a personal assessment effectively describe who you are)

Self-Awareness Challenge Requirements

  • Complete one (1) personality assessment.  Examples include:
    • DISC 
    • The Big 5 Personality (OCEAN)
    • Smalley-Trent Personality
    • HEXACO Personal Inventory
    • Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
    • Approved similar personality test
  • Complete one (1) team role assessment. Examples include
    • Belbin Team Role
    • 123Test Team Role
    • Working Genius Assessment
    • or approved similar team role assessment
  • Complete a Strengths assessment. Examples Include
    • The Clifton Strengths Assessment
    • the VIA Character Strengths assessment
    • Approved similar assessment

Level 1 Artifact: Communicate the results of your assessments, through

  • A written reflection, OR
  • An oral presentation

  • Complete Level 1 Requirements
  • Identify Personal Values list
  • Validate personal value by connecting them to lived experience (personal story)
  • Create a list of principles demonstrating how you live your personal values
  • Identify aspirational values and principles you hope to have in the future

Level 2 Artifact: Submit a written summary that includes

  • List of values
  • personal stories that validate why those values are visible from lived experience and not aspirational, and
  • List of principles you currently live by
  • Improvement plan to achieve the list of aspirational values and principles