Leadership Program


The Self domain covers both self-awareness and self-mastery.  Self-awareness is the knowledge of our personality, behaviors, values, strengths, and weaknesses that motivate us and help us prioritize our decisions.  Self-mastery is the skill of being authentic and intentional.  Self-awareness and self-mastery are two of the four domains that make up emotional intelligence (EI).  The other two domains are social awareness and relationship management, which we describe in the Teams domain.  Much of the leadership development literature and the self-help literature intersect within this domain, so there are ample resources you may use to identify areas of improvement and create strategies for successfully leading yourself.


You will be more aware of your strengths and weaknesses, comfortable with who you are, and eager to be continually improving yourself.


Students who complete the entire program will be able to:

  1. Describe their strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Apply knowledge of their preferred behaviors to improve team performance.
  3. Develop a personal schedule to achieve specific goals.
  4. Create a healthy and safe teamwork environment.


  • Identify and validate your top five (5) personal values.
  • Describe preferred team roles or behaviors using the Belbin Team Roles.
  • Describe personality using two personality or behavioral assessments (e.g. MBTI, DISC, Emergenetics, Enneagram, and others).
  • Create a schedule showing how you spend your time each week. 
  • Create a list of goals you want to achieve this year.
  • Create a list of personal rules to live by based upon your values and personality results 
  • Create a weekly schedule to achieve your goals  
  • Create a list of recommendations for yourself to improve: 
    • your performance abiding by your personal rules.
    • your performance following your own schedule. 
  • Revise the plans created at level 2 and repeat the Processing activities to improve. 

Supporting Theories or Approaches

Emotional Intelligence, Personality, Strengths-Based Leadership, Personal Values