Leadership Program

About the Leadership Program


The college of engineering leadership program promotes T-shaped (both broad and deep) leadership skills across four domains: Understanding the self, understanding others, understanding the project, and, at the foundation of all three, defining leader ethics. Learning depth follows three levels (after Costa's Taxonomy):  1. Gathering, 2. Processing, & 3. Applying. Engineering faculty and industry partners created the program content which has been adapted from existing literature or by industry case studies. These materials are distributed to students through existing courses and proposed co-curricular seminars. The success of the program will be measured at the program level and at the student level. The leadership program will teach students to apply knowledge, skills, and attitudes in each of the four domains of leadership and assess their levels of achievement. 

Teaching & Assessing Leadership

When we teach leadership we are helping students develop positive leadership attitudes or ethics, that will guides students throughout their academic and professional careers. Ethics is the foundation of leading the Cal Poly Pomona (CPP) Way. We also teach and provide students opportunities to learn greater self-awareness, self-mastery, social awareness, relationship management and situational awareness (cause).

  • Gather – The process begins by guiding students to information about each domain and instructing them in the vocabulary of leadership. They are also taught how to reflect and assess their own initial knowledge, skills, and attitudes about leadership.
  • Process – Processing involves comparing leadership ethics between different leaders and themselves as well as comparing strengths and weaknesses within themselves and within others. At this level, students gain an understanding of their personality, behavior, and values, the personality, behavior and values of others and how to describe a leader’s ethical choices.
  • Apply – To fully internalize the leadership lessons, the students apply the lessons by developing concrete action plans for ethical self-mastery and relationship management while creating personal and team visions considering situational constraints. They are mentored by their peers and instructors and are provided feedback so they can make adjustments to their approach.

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The leadership program began in Fall 2016 under the guidance of the Dean’s Leadership Board and with financial support form the Al-Khatib Family Foundation, Northrup Grumman Corporation, SoCal Gas, Brian Jaramillo, Darcel L. Hulse and many others who support leadership development in engineering. Engineering students obtain strong leadership experience and training by participating in campus clubs, competitions, and projects, however, the college would like to improve upon that number to better ensure that every student is prepared to excel in the workforce upon graduation.  If you are interested in supporting the Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering Leadership program, please contact us at egrlead@cpp.edu.