Mechanical Engineering

MSME - Mission Statement & Program Goals

MSME Mission Statement

The MSME degree at Cal Poly Pomona is set up to provide:

  • Engineers working in the Southern California region,

  • International Students, as well as

  • Undergraduate students

wishing to enhance their studies in the Mechanical Engineering sector, a vehicle with which to accomplish their pursuit.

The MSME Program at Cal Poly Pomona offers two main degree tracks in the general areas of Thermal-Fluid Sciences and Solid Mechanics/Advanced Mechanical Design.

MSME Program Goals

  • To provide a framework for working professionals, international students and undergraduates to pursue graduate studies in the field of Mechanical Engineering

  • To bridge the gap between applied engineering practice and rigorous theoretical treatments of subject matter in the arenas of Thermal-Fluid Sciences and Advanced Mechanical Design

  • To produce a student population possessing the skills required to either i) further pursue
    post-baccalaureate studies, or ii) work in the specialized technical fields of their study plan