Mechanical Engineering

ME Team Wins 3rd Best Research Paper Award at American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (ASTFE) International Conference

Winning team of ASTFE

The research team from ME at the University of Maryland, March 2023. From left: Missael Cuevaschavez, George Lockwood, Dr. Reza Baghaei Lakeh, and Andres Rodriguez 


A team of four undergraduate and graduate students, Missael Cuevaschavez, George Lockwood, Rozina Nalbandian, and Andres Rodriguez under the supervision of Dr. Reza Baghaei Lakeh won the 3rd Best Research Paper Award of the 8th Thermal and Fluids Engineering Conference hosted by the American Society of Thermal and Fluids Engineers (ASTFE) at the University of Maryland in March 2023. The team published results of a 1-kWh benchtop thermal energy storage module that utilized repurposed desalination salt as the thermal energy storage medium. The project proposes a solution to environmental and economic challenges that the desalination industry is facing in concentrate management while providing a low-cost energy storage solution for future power grids that relies more on intermittent renewable sources. The project is an example of Cal Poly Pomona’s commitment to learn-by-doing philosophy, environmental responsibility, and experiential learning.


(posted April 21, 2023)