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Outside Employment Disclosure

While outside employment activities are often beneficial to the CSU and employees, outside employment must not interfere with an employee's ability to meet their CSU responsibilities or prevent them from acting in the best interest of the CSU.

State law (Title 5 California Code of Regulations § 42740 (PDF)) and CSU policy (HR 2016-06) require all Management Personnel Plan (MPP) and Executive employees, including part-time, full-time and rehired annuitants, to disclose any compensated outside employment activities:

  • At the time of their MPP appointment;
  • Annually;
  • Within 30 days of accepting outside employment; and
  • Within 10 days upon request by their immediate supervisor

The information provided in the disclosure is then reviewed by the MPP employee's supervisor to determine whether the job duties or the time commitment of the outside employment would conflict with the MPP’s position at CPP.  If so, the MPP and their supervisor must come to an agreement on how the MPP shall reduce or eliminate that conflict.  If there is a disagreement between the MPP and their supervisor, an appeal committee would make the final decision.

Annually in July, all CSU campuses submit an outside employment report to the Chancellor's Office. The Chancellor's Office posts the outside employment endeavors of all campus vice presidents and presidents on a public website.

There are two different Outside Employment Disclosure forms, depending on your Cal Poly Pomona position. One is for MPPs and the other is for Senior Management (SM) (i.e., the vice presidents and President).

You will receive the Outside Employment Disclosure Form applicable to your position via email to complete when you first start your MPP/SM appointment and thereafter once a year.

If you need to complete the form because you have taken on outside employment or have been requested by your supervisor, then please contact to obtain the form.

Please submit your completed annual disclosure for the 2022 calendar year reporting period no later than June 28, 2024.

Form instructions to assist you to complete the Outside Employment Disclosure Form are below.

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