Honggang Wang

Honggang Wang

Assistant Professor, Advisor, Technology and Operations Department, College of Business Administration

About Me

Dr. Wang is an assistant professor of Technology and Operations Management inthe College of Business Administration at Cal Poly Pomona. He received hisPh.D. in Operations Research from the School of Industrial Engineering at PurdueUniversity in 2009. His teaching interests include business analytics, supplychain management, and applied statistics. His research interests lie inalgorithm design, systems modeling and optimization, and application oflearning algorithms in business and engineering fields. Dr. Wang publishes hiswork in various management and scientific journals, including European Journalof Operational Research, INFORMS Journal on Computing, Naval ResearchLogistics, and Annuals of Operations research. Dr. Wang has won theIBM Faculty Award in 2012.

Selected Publications

  • Wang, H. G., Pasupathy, R., Schmeiser, B. W., "Integer-ordered simulation optimizationusing R-SPLINE: retrospective search via piecewise-linear interpolation andneighborhood Enumeration," ACM Transactions on Modeling and Computer Simulation, 2013, 23(3), 17.

  • Wang, H. G., "A zigzag search method for multi-objective optimization," INFORMSJournal on Computing, 2013, 25(4), 654- 665.

  • Wang, H. G., Chen, X., Optimization of maintenance planning for waterdistribution network under stochastic failures, Journal of Water ResourcesPlanning and Management, 2016,142(2), DOI:10.1061/(ASCE)WR.1943-5452.0000567.

  • Wang, H. G., "Subspace dynamic-simplex linear interpolation search for mixedinteger black-box optimization problems" Naval Operations Research Logistics, 2017, 64(4), 305-322.

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  • Wang, H. G., Rezo, D. L., Schutze, O.,"Enhanced directed search: a continuation method for mixed-integermulti-objective optimization problems", Annals of Operations Research, 2019,343-365.

  • Wang, H. G., Zhang, B., "Optimal machine teaching via simulationoptimization", Computer and Industrial Engineering, 2019, 119-126.

  • Wang, H. G., Jin, T. D., "Optimal development of distributed energy generationsystems with enhanced resilience and renewable resources", IEEE Access, 2020.