John P. Lloyd

John P. Lloyd

Professor, History, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

About Me

Dr. Lloyd is a professor of history at Cal Poly Pomona, where he teaches courses on the Civil War and Reconstruction; the Gilded Age and Progressive Era; the Depression and New Deal; American Constitutional history; labor history; Transportation and Environmental history; and research methods.  Dr. Lloyd has been an advisor for several Teaching American History (TAH) programs in local school districts.

Dr. Lloyd earned his Ph.D. in History from the Claremont Graduate University in 2000.  His dissertation research explored the growth of ideas about race, civil rights, and equal citizenship after the Civil War.  He has published numerous articles and book reviews on a variety of topics in post-Civil War US history, and more recently has published articles on the evolution of transportation and public space in 20th century US urban environments.

 Since 2016, Dr. Lloyd has been involved in efforts to improve and encourage sustainable transportation alternatives at Cal Poly Pomona and surrounding communities.  He currently serves on the Academic Senate, chairs the Senate Budget Committee, and is co-chair of the Alternative Transportation Committee.