Mark A. Generous

Mark A. Generous

Associate Professor, Communication, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences

About Me

Mark Generous (Ph.D., Arizona State University, 2016) is an Assistant Professor of Communication. He teaches in the Interpersonal Communication option.

Professor Generous’s research focuses on challenging conversations in close, intimate relationships. He has researched how romantic couples talk about sexual intimacy and affection, how families engage in end-of-life communication with terminally ill family members, and how students and teachers develop relationships in the classroom. He received his B.A. (Broadcast and Cinematic Arts; Communication) from Central Michigan University and M.A. (Communication) from Texas State University.


Professor Generous teaches:
  • Communication Theory
  • Communication Research
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Advanced Communication Research
  • Family Communication
  • Nonverbal Communication