Nina Abramzon

Nina Abramzon

Professor, Physics and Astronomy, College of Science

Letters of Recommendation

As college professors I am expected to write letters of recommendation, It’s part of my job.

If you feel that I know you well enough to write you a strong letter , please stop by my office or email me with your letter of intent ( including the program you are applying for , the reason you are applying for the program and the deadline). Once I agree to write you a letter please  provide me the following information at least 2 weeks before your program deadline :

  1. A personal statement about why you want to do the program/job that you're applying to, and what your future plans are. This statement is a good opportunity to remind me of any particular strengths you have.
  2. List all classes you have taken from me with brief descriptions of projects you developed, how they might relate to your current application, and final grade.
  3. List other kinds of work you may have done with me  ( independent study, senior project, students club, etc. )
  4. Your transcript
  5. Your resume