Nancy E. Buckley

Nancy E. Buckley

Professor, Biological Sciences Department, College of Science

Courses Taught

BIO 4300 Concepts of Molecular Biology

In this course, you will analyze the molecular basis and control mechanisms of biological processes such as DNA replication, DNA recombination and DNA transposition, transcription and translation. You will also study the role of diverse signal transduction pathways regulating and regulated by gene expression.

At the end of the semester, students will be able to explain…

  • The concept of genome, the genes and their importance.
  • DNA replication, recombination and transposition.
  • Transcription and translation.
  • Laboratory techniques used to learn about molecular biological processes.
  • The role diverse genes have in cell signaling, and the regulation of gene expression by cell signaling.


BIO 4320 Molecular Biology Techniques

This course is designed to teach techniques used in the study of proteins and nucleic acids.  The specific objectives of this course are the following:

  • Make calculations for solution preparations.
  • Describe how buffer components are used for the isolation and analysis of proteins and nucleic acids.
  • Describe how to isolate and analyze cellular proteins.
  • Describe how to isolate and analyze cellular nucleic acids.
  • Describe laboratory techniques used for gene editing.


BIO 5990 B2D MS Thesis Writing Workshop (every other spring semester); B2D Manuscript Writing Workshop (every other spring semester)

These courses are designed to teach the students the types of scientific writing format and how to organize and write the MS thesis and manuscript.


BIO 6800 PhD Application Workshop

Students will write their Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose, CV, will hear from current PhD students at diverse universities and will apply to PhD programs and/or practice applying to PhD programs.