Olga Griswold

Olga Griswold

Professor of Linguistics and TESOL, English and Modern Languages, College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences


PhD, Applied Linguistics, University of California, Los Angeles - 2007

EdM, Applied Linguistics, Teachers College, Columbia University - 1997

BA, Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Moscow Pedagogical University, Moscow, Russia - 1993

Courses Taught at CPP

ENG 2200 - Introduction to Linguistics

ENG 3210 - Grammar of Modern English

ENG 3211 - Structure of Language

ENG 3212 - Language Acquisition

ENG 4120 - Academic Grammar and Style for Non-Native Speakers of English

ENG 4210 - The History of the English Language

ENG 4211 - Fundamentals of Syntax

ENG 4220 - Language in Society/Sociolinguistics

ENG 4221 - Analysis of Conversation

ENG 5231 - Grammar for TESOL

ENG 5233 - Teaching American English Pronunciation

ENG 5236 - Sociolinguistics (Graduate)

Print and Digital Publications

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Conference Talks

Griswold, O. & Watson, J. (2020). Success beyond ESL classrooms: transferring grammar skills to academic writing. To be presented at the TESOL International Conference in Denver, CO, April 4, 20202. (accepted)


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