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Support the College of Environmental Design

Support the College of Environmental Design

The College of Environmental Design is one of the most respected design and planning schools in the nation, with rigorous and esteemed programs that promote interdisciplinary approaches and sustainability in each of its five majors. Environmental design means giving people the opportunity to make intelligent choices about the future by creating better places to live, discovering and restoring the natural beauty of the world, dreaming of cities that represent our best aspirations, and crafting images and symbols that make people think. It exemplifies the learn-by-doing approach that is the hallmark of Cal Poly Pomona.

In order to uphold our promise to our students and potential employers, we have outlined the following priorities and goals.

Funding Priorities

  • ENV Dean’s Excellence Fund
  • Enhanced facilities for all of ENV including labs and flexible classrooms space(s)
  • Endowed Chairs for architecture, art, landscape architecture, and urban & regional planning
  • Endowed undergraduate scholarships
  • Endowed graduate scholarships
  • Endowed fund for travel, conferences, exhibitions and field trips for students and faculty
  • Technology innovation and upgrades
  • Funded professional lecture series
  • Funded interdisciplinary studios
  • Endowed for the rehabilitation and maintenance of the VDL Neutra House
  • Funded programs for the VDL Neutra House
  • Expansion of international academic exchange programs
  • Funded programs for the Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies

College Contacts

Lauren Bricker

Interim Dean

Jenkins Shannon

Sr. Director of Development