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Support the College of Science

The College of Science at Cal Poly Pomona is a hub for discovery, application and commercialization of science, technology and mathematics. We are a community of scholars, students and practitioners working together to be the technical pacesetters of tomorrow across seven departments as well as pre-professional programs in a number of health careers. Our faculty are accomplished across the range of scientific disciplines and are experienced at taking new ideas and putting them into practice. This focus on both discovery and application creates a dynamic environment for student learning. Our aim is to offer students from all walks of life the benefits of mastering science and mathematics with faculty who are actively creating new knowledge and new applications. Before they receive their degrees, our students gain hands-on experience in the work of their discipline. They work with faculty using the latest equipment and techniques and they have experience with putting theory into practice in real-world contexts. The college continually works toward advancing scientific knowledge and puts a strong emphasis on serving the university and the needs of the local and global communities.

The College of Science is seeking support in the following three areas because they will have the greatest impact on students and the community. 

  • Discovery Through Research
    Research is the engine that drives discovery and we’re committed to providing research opportunities to our students.
  • Science for All
    We will prepare a diverse STEM workforce by inspiring K-12 students to pursue studies in science and by supporting the success of college students through innovative teaching.
  • Student Scholarships
    We believe in the transformational power of education and provide scholarships to alleviate the financial burden of students.

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