A social support system minimizes the effects of stress and can even help alleviate negative moods and emotions Some people thrive on a large social support network, while others maintain a smaller but close-knit group. Whatever your preference, social support can come from friends, family, acquaintances or a combination of all three. Although we can’t connect in person like we used to, there’s many ways to make a connection and maintain that connection online or over the phone like scheduled Zoom/Facetime calls, online gaming, Netflix watch parties and even virtual tours of your favorite museums or national parks. 


  1. Reach out and re-connect 
    1. Go through your phone numbers, email addresses, and social media contacts and make a list of people you consider friends or good acquaintances. 
    2. For each person, note when you last saw or communicated with them and create a master list of people you haven’t been in touch with for a while. 
    3. Prioritize your list by ranking all the people on it according to who in the past has made you feel best about being you and put those at the top of the list. Your final ranking represents the order in which you should contact the people on your list. Reach out to at least one or two people a week and, if possible, initiate plans to meet. 
  2. Find a new friend 
    1. Go to MyBar or search CPP clubs and orgs on Instagram (just type CPP into the search and many will appear) 
    2. Scroll through the organizations and events to find some that interest you, and make a list 
    3. Prioritize your list so those you are most interested in are at the top of the list 
    4. Register for one event or meeting a week and see if the group is right for you 
  3. Connect with us! 
    1. Contact the Bronco Wellness Center to schedule a stress management session with a health educator or peer health educator (a student just like you). 
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