Student Health and Wellness Services


Regular nourishment, in the form of meals and snacks, keep our brains and bodies fueled and ward of that feeling of being “hangry”. You’ll find you are more alert, focused, energized, and in a better mood when you eat a well-rounded array of foods throughout the day. Here are some tips to get started: 

  • Prep meals for the day/week - this way you have quick access to fuel your day 
  • Pack snacks to go - saves time, money, and gets you through to your next meal 
  • Look for “Eat Well” label for food on campus - these foods are nutrient rich choices 
  • Build your meals using - make sure you cover all of your bases with this tool 
  • Drink ½ your bodyweight in ounces every day – dehydration can cause heat cramps, exhaustion, fatigue, and fuzzy thinking, so drink water often throughout the day 
  • Carrying a reusable water bottle helps you stay hydrated – it also saves money and keeps plastic out of landfills 
  • Limit nutritionally “empty” calorie drinks - choose water over soda, juice, sweet tea, and other sweetened beverages most of the time