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Deciding what to get done first and determining which parts of your life are most important to you are both essential aspects of prioritizing. By doing both, stress levels go down and life satisfaction improves. There are several tools and actions one can take to have more control over how and where time is spent. They include: 

  • Use a time management system 
  • Create a calendar of important dates 
  • Make a list of to-do tasks 
  • Learn to say no 
  • Schedule in “me” time 


Create a system to keep track of your courses and due dates. Use the instructions and materials in the resources below to help. Here is an example of planner for one week:

Learn to say no

First, realize that it is ok to say “no” – Be selective with your time and only do those things that are necessary to accomplish your goals or that bring you joy. If requests for your time from family or friends keep you from accomplishing your tasks, take control by deciding when spending time with them works for YOU. Then schedule it into your weekly calendar and spend time with them then. 

How to say “no”:

  • No
  • No thank you 
  • No, I don’t want to 
  • Thanks, not right now 
  • No, but thank you for the offer 
  • No, but thank you for thinking of me 
  • That’s kind of you, but I have to decline 
  • I have decided not to 

Be firm and clear with your answer, but you can offer an alternative if you like. However, do not compromise your needs, as you know what is best for you. 


Weekly Schedule (PDF) 
Weekly Schedule - Instructions (PDF)
Calendar Fall 2020 (PDF)