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Laughter is good medicine. When we laugh, endorphins (happy hormones) are released into our bloodstream and can buffer the effects of cortisol (the stress hormone). So, if you know a stressful situation is approaching, stock up your laughter pantry so you have ways to counteract the stress. 

  •  Take some time to figure out what makes you laugh. Is it a certain TikTok account, youtube channel, or comedy show? Do you have a particular friend or family member that you crack up with? Make a note of these to draw on when you need a laugh. 
  • Watch a comedy or funny video 
  • Tell a joke 
  • Play with a pet 
  • Share something funny with others - like a video or do the madlibs activity below! 


One person has the madlib card. Do not let the other players see the card. Ask each person playing to provide the information needed for the blanks until they are all completed. Then read the resulting story.


Youtube – search for whatever you find funny! Animals, people, movie clips... 
Tik tokinstagram, facebook and other social media 
Want more madlibs? Search for printable ones online