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Before calling or sending an email regarding immunizations, please check here first for some of the most common questions asked that may be helpful to you.

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Immunization FAQs

The CSU follows the same legislation that applies to students in Kindergarten-12th grade. It is possible that you met most of the requirements already if you attended a California public school and are up to date on all your childhood vaccinations. We need proof of each of the required immunizations listed in your health portal and other digital documents will need to be completed in the same site. Log in to MyHealthPortal ( this is where you will enter vaccine dates and upload your digital documents to be verified by our staff.  ONLINE only submissions will be accepted, NO email, paper copies brought into the health center or mail submissions will be accepted. Please be sure the files are in PDF, gif, jpg, png. There is a 4MB size limit per file. You can upload multiple files.

Students should start gathering and submitting information via MyHealthPortal as soon as possible. If vaccinations are necessary, some can take months to complete and making appointments can also take time. Act early to avoid any delay to your registration process from non-compliance.

Have your immunization records with you to input dates and name of vaccines. Once you submit your birth date, on the left there is a tab titled “MEDICAL CLEARANCES” click there to start taking the steps needed to update your immunization history and access the TB Screening questionnaire. Please do not ONLY upload a picture of your Immunization record, you will need to ALSO input the dates yourself of all required immunizations requested in your “Items Required” list. Uploading your immunization record should be your very last step.

Please allow us 5 business days to look over and verify your information. When you submit and        upload, not all information will automatically change to “compliant”. Our staff will need to verify the information first. We will be in contact with you if anything further is needed. Check your CPP Bronco email or health portal for messages.

Log in to your health portal first to see the list of your specific requirements. Depending on your age and your answers to the TB screening questionnaire these requirements may differ for each student. [ALL STUDENTS] indicates this requirement is for all students regardless of age.

  • Varicella(chickenpox)- 2 doses, with first dose on or after 1st birthday [ALL STUDENTS] (blood test can be done to show immunity) 
  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)-2 doses with first dose on or after 1st birthday [ALL STUDENTS] (blood test can be done to show immunity)
  • Hepatitis B-3 doses [Students 18 and younger] (blood test can be done to show immunity)
  • Meningococcal- 1 dose on or after age 16 [Students 21 or younger] (no blood test for this)
  • Tdap -1 dose after the age of 7 [ALL STUDENTS] (no blood test for this)
  • Tuberculosis skin/blood test chest x-ray needs to be done within 1 year of CSU entry. ALL STUDENTS need to complete the TB screen questionnaire FIRST in your health portal.

Each record must have two identifiers (full name and date of birth) plus name of vaccine, date administered OR result of titer (blood test). It should be clear they were prepared by a licensed medical provider.  Most common forms of proof of immunizations can be found in:

  • Your childhood immunization records i.e. “yellow card” or International Certificate of Vaccination
  • Immunization records maintained by your primary care physician in either electronic or hard copy
  • Your high school transcripts IF immunizations are documented
  • Lab reports showing proof of immunity by blood titer
  • Military immunization record

NO, we do not accept any immunization information through email, mail or paper drop off. All students must submit their own information through the MyHealthPortal

Yes, the requirements are CSU wide and are for all incoming students including freshman, transfers, some online, and graduate students.

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