Artwork Detail of cowboy shadows riding through green and orange flames: Moira Hahn, "Hell Scroll Series/ Blue Shadows (on the Trail)," watercolor.
The Don B. Huntley Gallery

The Artists Challenge 2020

April 8, 2020

As you might imagine, as of this week, most cultural sites, galleries, and museums' doors are now closed across the country and the world...we creatives need to be flexible and adapt, find ways to connect, engage, create and express visually in new virtual ways that just involve technology and sound to communicate and respond. We hope artists will video-record themselves working, sharing their processes and new work in exciting and new ways!

We must see this as an opportunity to challenge ourselves creatively and help each other be seen, engaged, and noticed. We challenge all artists, designers, incl. architects, landscape architects, graphic and fine, to share their creative work online. Join #TheArtistsChallenge2020. Use this as our new platform. Please share your work. Share yourselves.

purple graphic with black text saying #Theartistschallenge2020

Join #TheArtistsChallenge2020! 

This hashtag was created to share work and the creative process in a digital space through an initiative of CalPoly Pomona’s University Art Galleries during the COVID-19 epidemic. Please visit our separate pages as well to show some support! Kellogg University Art Gallery, and The Don B. Huntley Gallery.

Congratulations to #TheArtistsChallenge2020 participants!

#TheArtistsChallenge2020 Highlights featuring: Jacqueline Diesing, Kristine Schomaker, Adeola Studio Art, Adrienne Cole // Use #TheArtistsChallenge2021 to get feature on our new 2021 posts
#TheArtistsChallenge 2020 Highlights featuring: Ann Phong, Bjlane, Moira Hahn, Francisco Alvarado // Use #TheArtistsChallenge2021 to get feature on our new 2021 posts
#TheArtistsChallenge2020 Highlights: Katie Francis, Karinskibaart, Karrie Ross, Frederika Roeder

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