Office of Inclusive Excellence

Inclusive Excellence Council

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The Cal Poly Pomona Inclusive Excellence Council serves as an advisory body to the university, focused on fostering our campus value of inclusivity. The council endeavors to foster a diverse, inclusive, welcoming and respectful campus community for all students, faculty and staff. 

As community members, our individual and collective actions reflect our commitment to one another and our community. Key aspects to this commitment include access, equity, belonging, climate, shared responsibility and accountability, and these are the aspects to campus inclusivity the council will examine.   

The council consists of an Executive Board and General Membership.

Inclusive Excellence Council Executive Board Membership

The role of the Executive Board is to set the strategic direction and priorities of the council. Members of the Executive Board are appointed by the University President.

Faculty and staff members serve two-year renewable terms. Student representatives serve one-year renewable terms.

The Inclusive Excellence calendar year corresponds with the academic calendar year.

The council convened in December 2019. As a result, the inaugural council year will be an 18-month year, from December 2019 through June 30, 2021.

Executive Board

Effective Spring 2022, the IEC is on hiatus pending an assessment and recommendations on the appropriate outcomes, scope of work, and function in support of the CDO and the development of an institutional EDI plan.

The Inclusive Excellence Council Executive Board is responsible for:

  • Transparency with the campus community on meetings, goal and advisements
  • Advising the campus on issues and initiatives critical to an inclusive campus community
  • Providing input on program and policy recommendations that promote an inclusive campus community
  • Supporting campus inclusion initiatives such as surveys, programs, events, panels, speakers, training and the creation of Principles of Community

Current Projects of the Inclusive Excellence Council Executive Board:

  • Establish Inclusive Excellence subcommittees with extensive campus representation
  • Develop campuswide definitions of frequently used terms related to inclusive excellence
  • Develop campus Principles of Community
  • Launch and analyze an inclusive campus survey
  • Develop initiatives based on results of the survey

General Membership

General members of the council, made up of faculty, staff and students, will provide insights that will inform and guide the strategic direction, priorities and decision-making of the council.