Register for 2-step authentication by: Incoming freshmen July 12, 2021. Transfer/Graduate Students August 9, 2021
2-Step Authentication at CPP

2-Step Authentication

Protect your Cal Poly Pomona account security by installing 2-Step Authentication, which will verify your identity before allowing access to campus systems. The CSU and Cal Poly Pomona are using the DUO application for the 2-Step Authentication process, also known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). We recommend you download the app* and secure your account today!

For Incoming Fall 2022 Broncos

Check your BroncoDirect Student Center To Do List for your individual deadline to sign up for 2-step authentication. Sign up ASAP to avoid getting locked out of your account!

Video Tutorials

How to set up and use DUO

eHelp Guide

CPP eHelp guide to set up DUO

Need help?

Contact the IT Service Desk

  1. Access CPP's 2-Step Authentication enrollment site
    1. Log in using your BroncoName and BroncoPassword.
  2. Follow the on screen steps to complete your enrollment.

*The aforementioned steps require use of you own smartphone device. If you are not comfortable using your own device a hardware token can be requested by contacting the Service Desk. Allow 7-10 days for token request to be delivered from date of request.

To test your 2-Step Authentication:

  1. Open a new browser session.
  2. Go to
  3. Sign-in with your Bronco Name and Password
  4. Respond to the DUO/2-Step Authentication window by choosing your preferred DUO/2-Step authentication option.
  5. Select the “remember me” options if desired

In case you lose access to your main authentication option for 2-Step, it is recommended that you install DUO on another device, such as a tablet or add a phone number so that you don’t get locked out.

  1. Go to the displayed the 2-Step/DUO authentication window in a browser
    1. Open a new browser session and go to MyCPP:
    2. The 2-Step/DUO authentication prompt should appear. (The DUO prompt will only appear if there are no open browser sessions that were recently authenticated by DUO.)
  2. Select "Add a new device" located on the left side of the DUO window under the CPP logo.
  3. Select the type of device to add.
    1. “Land Line” is used to place a phone call to the number you choose.
    2. For mobile phones or tablets, you will be prompted to select the type of device (e.g., Android, IOS).
  4. If displayed, scan the QR code provided in the DUO Authentication Window.  This will link the device with DUO. 

This assumes that the QR code is displaying on a computer or mobile phone and you are scanning the QR code from the device that you wish to add to DUO