Web Development

Adding Directory Listing Content

To start creating content for your website, go to the top left corner next to the site menu, and click on the Add Content button. Next, click on the Entity folder button and choose what you would like to use on the website. Below are cards with descriptions of the different icons that will show on the Entity folder.

Add Content Button arrowentity buttonarrowcontent page

1. Complete the required asterisks

Make sure to fill in all the red asterisks, or else Cascade will prevent you from adding this content page until it is completed. Once you fill out the required information in the content page form as you learned before, now you will see the content Tab as in the following image, from the Content Type drop down menu choose Directory Listing.

Directory Listing Type Selection

2. Filling in the information for directory listing

Add a section Title to the Directory Listing section. Any staff, faculty, or student information can be added and displayed into the Person section. To add more into Directory Listing section, click the '+' next to the Directory Listing bar or Person bar.

Directory Listing Content

3. Customizing the Directory List to the department's preference

To create a Directory List, there are two formats to choose from:
  • List: displays names, title, email, etc. in a table format
  • Cards: display a picture and box of information below
When selecting list, you are presented with table options (selecting cards will not show this option). Fill out the information needed depending on the department's preference. None of the fields are required.

Below is an example of how to fill out a person's information. Majority of the information will depend on the department's preference. Only fill out the ones that is wanted on display.