Office of Undergraduate Research

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9th Annual Creative Activities & Research Symposium

Welcome to the 9th Annual Creative Activities and Research Symposium!

The Cal Poly Pomona Office of Undergraduate Research is proud to highlight the various types of research projects students are engaged in. Student research can take a variety of forms, including performances, readings, laboratory work, field work, interviews, etc. And all of these are excellent examples of the Signature Polytechnic Experiences (PolyX) that Cal Poly Pomona is known for. These projects deepen and broaden student knowledge and prepare them to be successful in their careers. Sharing the results of their hard work with the broader community is the culmination of their PolyX experience.

It is our privilege and pleasure to host and present the Creative Activities and Research Symposium to the Cal Poly Pomona community, and we hope you can be a part of our summer research celebration.


Winny Dong
Office of Undergraduate Research