Parking Services

Safer Return Parking FAQ's

Yes, parking permits are required to park on campus.

Yes, parking permits are required to park at all times. There is no grace period.

Parking permits are required to park 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, expect official campus closure days.

Parking permit fees directly support the loan re-payments, maintenance, and operation of parking facilities. Fees also directly support the operation of transportation programs such as vanpool, carpool, and discounted transit passes.

Short term parking is $8 per day or $2 per hour. Semester parking rates can be found here.

All student parking lots have at least one permit dispenser. Click here for a location map.

Students have two options. They can buy a daily parking permit at any parking permit dispenser OR buy a semester parking permit.

Employees have three options. They can buy a daily parking permit at any parking dispenser, buy a semester parking permit, or enroll in payroll deduction. Please note daily and hourly parking permits are only valid in student lots.

Payroll deduction is when your parking permit fees are deducted from your paycheck pre-tax, on a monthly basis. Only state-side employees who are employed 12 consecutive months are eligible.

If you are planning to park more than once per week, it is more cost effective to enroll in a payroll deduction parking permit. Payroll deduction is also more convenient, after you sign up you don’t have to worry about obtaining a parking permit for the length of your employment. Payroll deduction fees are deducted pre-tax resulting in less out-of-pocket expense.

Daily 1 month expense @ 2 days/week Semester 1 month expense @ unlimited days/week Notes
Students $8.00 $64.00 $231.00 $58.00
MPP, Foundation, ASI Employees $8.00 $64.00 $231.00 $58.00 Pre-tax deduction
Faculty $8.00 $64.00 $59.36 $13.19 Pre-tax deduction
Staff (Units 2,5,7,9) $8.00 $64.00 $71.60 $15.91 Pre-tax deduction
Staff (Units 1,4,6,8) $8.00 $64.00 $67.50 $15.00 Pre-tax deduction

Eligible employees may visit the Cashier’s Office with BroncoID, and appointment letter/contract to sign up.

Eligible employees may re-enroll by using the Online Payroll Deduction Reinstatement Form.

Once the online payment is complete you will be provided with a temporary printable parking permit while you wait for the physical parking permit to arrive in the mail. Please allow 2 business days for processing.