Event Services

Event Services

Parking and Transportation Services are proud to offer professional and friendly service to all our campus partners and guests. Below you find the services we offer, date deadlines, and pricing. Please submit your services request via the GREEN button below.  Services are not guaranteed and are subject to staffing availability and timeliness of request. All services are reviewed and pending prior to confirmation from Parking and Transportation Services. 

All non-Cal Poly Pomona affiliated entities must have an on-campus sponsor for all events. Please contact your on-campus sponsor to make arrangements with Parking and Transportation Services. PTS only accepts billing from on-campus partners. Large Events may require extended planning beyond the posted deadlines. Please contact us as early as possible in your event planning process. 

If you have any public safety or security needs for your event please contact Univerity Police Department 

University Police Department

If you plan on paying for parking, for your guests, there are three options for distributing group parking permits to your guests. 

  1. PDF Parking permits: We will provide a link to a PDF permit that your guests can print out before arriving to campus.  You will be billed for the number of times the link is used.
  2. Coupon Code:  We will provide a coupon code for your guests to use at the permit pay stations on campus.  You will be billed for the number of times the coupon code is used.  Can only be used in the student lots and parking structures.
  3. Information Booth: We will have your guests' names on a list in the information booth.  The booth is open from 8AM-5PM and they can pick up their permits during those hours.

 Parking permits must be requested at least 5 business days in advance.

The prices for each option remain the same, $8 per vehicle Mon-Fri and $5 per vehicle Sat-Sun

We offer the rental of the Bronco Express shuttle buses for group events. 

Each shuttle can accommodate  26 seated riders, 2 wheelchair riders, and 10 standing riders

  • Shuttles cost is $38/ hour/ bus
  • There is a 4-hour minimum reservation
  • The shuttles are limited to the city of Pomona

Shuttles must be requested 15 business days in advance


We offer two types of directional signage for events. 


Roadway Signage

Guide your guests with turn-by-turn driving directions from campus entrances to parking location. Signage is ordered in "batches." A "batch" is from one campus entrance to the destination. For example: Kellogg Dr./10 Fwy to Lot C. 


Wayfinding Signage

Once your guest park, help direct them to a building or area on campus. Wayfinding signage is also ordered in "batches."  A "batch" is from one campus location to the destination. For example:  Lot C to the Student Services Building. 


All Signage will come with the title of the event and directional indicators, such as arrows. Each batch of signs is $16.00

For $10 per batch, we can create custom signage with your group’s logo, etc. on the sign that measures 36" H x 24" W.


Signage must be requested at least 5 business days in advance.

If you are planning a large scale event or need space to host your event safely, lot reservations are available. Lot Reservations are on a case by case basis and will be reviewed by PTS before authorizing any lot closures to minimize any student or staff disturbances 


Lot reservation pricing and accommodations vary by lot. Please contact PTS for specific pricing and information. 

Lot reservations must be requested at least 15 business days in advance.

If you are hosting a VIP for your event, you can request to reserve specific parking spots (up to 5 max per event). PTS will put signage up reservation the parking spot for your specified guest. 

Parking space reservations cost $15 per space. 

Parking space reservations must be requested at least 5 business days in advance.

Large events may require additional personnel to help the event run smoothly. We offer Parking Enforcement Officers to help traffic control with ensuring parking permit equipment is functional, answering parking related questions, and etc. 


Parking Enforcement officers are paid via their salary range but the average is $35/hr. 

Parking Enforcement Officers must be requested at least 15 business days in advance.

Events that are being hosted in an area that needs equipment moved behind restricted gate arms or bollards can request access. PTS will review the request and approve or suggest an alternative routes. 

Restricted Area Access cost $17 per event. 

Restricted Area Access must be requested at least 5 business days in advance.


Please contact us with any questions regarding our events services or for any needs not listed on our website at parking@cpp.edu



Date Deadline

Group Parking Permits

$8.00/permit M-F or $5.00/ permit Weekends and holidays

5 business days

Shuttle buses 


15 business days



5 business days

Custom signage


5 business days

Lot Reservation

Varies (Contact PTS)

15 business days

Space Reservation


5 business days

Parking Traffic Control

approx. $35.00

15 business days

Restricted Area Access


5 business days


*a late fee of 20% will be accrued to any event submitted after the deadline.