Parking Services

Safety Escort Service

The safety escort service is available from your class to a safe campus destination such as to your vehicle parked on campus, Residential Hall/ Suite, or the University Village.

Safety escort service hours are available Monday thru Thursday after 6pm.

If you plan on utilizing this service, please have your name, clothing description, pick-up location, and where your destination is ready for the dispatcher.

If there are a group of people requesting an escort, they may be advised that there will be a wait, and their options are riding the Bronco Express, or walking together as a group.

The service is limited and is available on a "first come, first served basis;" based on the order of request. Please be advised that our vehicle can hold a maximum of two passengers at a time.

Escorts are not provided to city of Pomona streets such as South Campus Drive, Temple Avenue, and Valley Boulevard.

The University Police Dispatch telephone number to request an escort is: (909) 869-3070.