Office of the President

Affirmation of Inclusivity

December 5, 2019

As I reflect on this semester, I feel moved to speak once again to champion our university’s core values and to affirm the ideals that I personally hold dear. Central to our identity, Cal Poly Pomona is an institution dedicated to expanding opportunity for all, which is why I feel deep regret when we fall short of delivering on this promise.

As I have personally communicated to the campus (link), as well as the joint statement issued by my senior leadership team (link), recent incidents involving racial bias and intolerance have called into question our commitment to being an inclusive community. We must and will do more to assure that this commitment is visible and impactful.

Let me be clear, Cal Poly Pomona condemns prejudice, racism, and intolerance in all their forms. Hateful or prejudicial acts, when in violation of the law or campus policy, will face all appropriate consequences, without exception. Likewise, intolerant acts that may be shielded under free speech protections will be met with clear and unequivocal reaffirmations of our commitment to a diverse and inclusive environment. To those actively advocating for inclusivity and belonging at Cal Poly Pomona, I stand with you in strengthening the bonds of community so essential to our university.

By design, universities are crucibles of discourse — spaces to grow knowledge and debate the most pressing issues of our times. These pursuits are thwarted when individuals do not feel safe or respected. As a campus, we are vigorously pursuing a number of measures to address these challenges and ensure a campus climate built on mutual respect and where all feel welcome and empowered to achieve their potential (link). We continue to have work to do, and as we conclude the academic programs for the semester, I ask that we all reflect on the ways that we can support one another — students, faculty, and staff — in promoting and living up to our ideals.