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Emeritus Awards

Faculty Emeritus/Management and Staff Emeritus Awards

Faculty Emeritus Awards

Emeritus status is awarded to retiring faculty members, librarians, coaches and retiring professionals of the related areas constituency of the Academic Senate.  Ten years of university service at the time of retirement is considered the normal measure of eligibility for emeritus status, unless there is objection by the individual or his/her department.  A lesser period of service may be considered in instances of exceptional contribution to the university.  Departments that have retiring faculty who should be considered for emeritus status are asked to send their recommendations to the Academic Senate Office in April.  For more information, please contact the Academic Senate Office.

Faculty Emeritus Privileges (PDF)

Management and Staff Emeritus Awards

Management and Staff emeritus is awarded to retiring staff employees who meet certain criteria, including a minimum of 10 years of service to the University, outstanding performance in a position, demonstrated support of University programs, beneficial support of University philosophy, exceptional personal contribution to the university, and active participation in university-wide activities. 

Management and Staff Emeritus Privileges (PDF)

Emeritus List

The Emeritus List includes personnel who have received the title of "Emeritus" at Cal Poly Pomona. If you should see an error or omission, please contact 909-869-2290 so that corrections can be made.

Emeritus List (PDF)

(updated: 11-14-2023)